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Why should I consider Locums?
Healthcare providers in different stages of their career choose part time assignments for different reasons. For some it is the adventure and love of travel, for others it is evaluating new positions before making a commitment, for some it is the lack of politics and intrigue. For some others it is the flexibility to work as much or as little as they want. Some do it as a form of semi retirement. Whatever your particular reason, we are here to facilitate your choice and make it as enjoyable as possible.
What kinds of locums opportunities are available?
Basically the variety is same as traditional employment. It can range from covering an office practice in Alaska to running a high volume emergency room in New York. Of course that means the bonuses can range from moose hunting to catching the night life in the Big Apple.
How good is the compensation?
Most practitioners report making as much and most times more than they would in a traditional job. At Byron, we work hard to get you the best rate possible.   You are also paid as an independent contractor, that gives you opportunities to deduct more work related expenses in your taxes.
Who pays for malpractice?
We do, and at no cost to you.
What about travel?
Most locum assignments automatically come with free travel and lodging. Our travel department works to help arrange that the only thing you have to do is basically pack your bags.
Can I work with Byron locums even though I have worked with other locum companies?
Definitely. Since you are an independent contractor, you are free to work with whoever you choose. Just let us know what facilities you have been introduced to by other companies so there will be no conflict.
Do you work with Residents and Fellows?
Definitely, if your program allows we can work to provide you part time work to supplement your income. Post graduation we offer lots of exciting opportunites that you will be at more liberty to pursue.

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