What is Locum tenens?
It refers to temporary staffing usually used in the medical industry.
What positions can Byron Locums staff?
Basically any. If you have an urgent or anticipated need, let us know and from our pool of experienced professionals we will match you with the appropriate candidate.  We can basically fill needs ranging from neurosurgeons to psychiatrist, anesthesia CRNAs to physician assistants. No matter your need, our professionals will be only too happy to work with you.
What kind of durations does Byron locums staff?
There is no fixed duration. We can staff everything from one weekend to several years.
What if we want to keep hire a locums provider full time?
If we staff a position and you decide that they are the right fit for your organization, let us know and we will be able to smooth the transition. Usually our fees for this are quite reasonable.
Do you assist with Credentials?
Yes we do. Our candidates come pre screened which eases the process. We also have dedicated staff to assist you in credentialing the candidates so they can start on schedule.
Does Byron assist with travel arrangements?
Yes we provide concierge travel for our workers, helping them make all the arrangements necessary to get them to your facility in a timely manner.
What about malpractice insurance?
We provide comprehensive A++ rated malpractice insurance at no cost to you.  All our staff are covered from the day they start work for all occurrences no matter when reported.
What is the cost of your services?
We charge a single fee which covers all expenses for the assignment other than travel and lodging. Our fees are quite competitive and we definitely provide value for every dollar you spend.  Other than this fee, you owe nothing for malpractice insurance, health insurance or employment taxes.

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